Speciality Services

Nose Surgery

Adults tend to be conscious about their nose and children may be teased or bullied at school,…

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Lip Correction

  • A full, well formed and proportionate lip is seen as a mark of beauty and sensuousness.
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Gummy Smile Correction

A "gummy smile" is a condition in which a person shows a larger than average amount of…

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Chin Correction

Ideally the forehead, lips and chin should be on one vertical plane. If not, the harmony of…

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Teeth Whitening

Why would I need my teeth whitened?
There are very few people who have brilliant white teeth.…

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Dental Diamond

Forget tattoos and piercing !!!!
A new craze is sweeping across the nation, which will make you…

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Dimple Creation

Having a Dimple is always considered to be CUTE and LUCKY, however not all of us are blessed…

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Invisalign : The invisible braces

Consider Invisalign to get beautiful straight teeth you’ve always wanted ….. Without Braces!!!

  • Virtually invisible, no…
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Naso Alveolar Moulding

Naso Alveolar Moulding (NAM) is a pre-surgical treatment procedure used to improve the final results of surgical repair…

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Lingual braces

Show the world your smile not your braces ….
Lingual braces are attached to the inside or…

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